Tuesday, April 16, 2013

leçons de l'hibou

Often, the choices we make in life are compromises we make between our beliefs and desires. And then one day, conscience makes a stand, and our character shines through

The owl is wise
But he often flies alone
In winter and summer

Often, our joys we embrace in life are fleeting or even superficial. Until one day, a newborn babe lies in our arms, and intrinsic happiness shines through

In spring, he finds
his love for a life time
what joy awaits

Sometimes, we lose some of the most important elements in our lives. For instance, the owl, she dies saving her young. He returns, heartbroken.

Death takes him, faster
than hunger, thirst or pain
for life has no meaning

Without her.

Le hibou est sage
mais il est souvent seul
en hiver, en été

les mot de ninotaziz


For dVerse OLN and HaikuHeights


  1. very interesting structure here.. esp. the part with the owl dying for her young touched me..and life having no meaning any more without her..

    1. Hi Claudia! Owls are one of the animals that mate for life. Isn't that beautiful and sad at the same time?

  2. Very expressive haiku.

    From Haiku Heights.

    1. Thank you Neelam. Owls make fascinating study.

  3. Cool use of prose to weave a story around your haiku. I had to look up "souvent" this time, and then the last one almost made me cry. It is amazing to me how one word can change the tone and understanding of poetry.

    1. Thank you Heidi. This form is called haibun and once I was introduced to it by Tumblewords, I fell in love.

      It combines my love for lyrical prose and poetry.

      I am really grateful you enjoy both the English and the French. It humbles me.

    2. Haibun...I am going to have to try that one out too. Thank you for the wonderful posts.

  4. Beautiful Haiku with so many facts.
    True one always finds the owl flying alone and never heard of it being in a group!! I believe they have a territory marked for themselves to hunt and no other owl comes near there!! Such a sad ending to their story!!

    1. I do wonder about owls. The story The Legends of the Guardians : Owls of Ga'Hoole suggest that they have groups. But in truth they are solitary beings and generally mate for life.

      Thank you for reading the poem, it was heartfelt.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Gautami, really glad you thought so.

  6. superb pieces.
    I also have a thing about owls. They are creatures of potential: they are difficult to see and when you do see one it is always an "event". We have a few types of day flying owls here (short-eared, barn and little) and they are such beautiful creatures. Check out my poem "Barn Owl", you might enjoy (maybe you could translate it?!). Thank you for your work.

    1. I loved your Barn Owl, Gavin, and left a translated poem in Malay and French in return.