Tuesday, June 5, 2012

L'homme de fruits

L'homme de fruits, prudent
Il ne parlera pas
Peur d'étouffement


The fruit man - he is cautious
He would not speak a word
Lest he choked.

For the magpie tales


Si-penjual buah - mata dah liar
Terkedu lidah, takutkan lalat
Membeli belah, duit dah bayar
Balik ke rumah, rambutan berulat!

For Stafford Ray

Copyright 2012 © zalina abdulaziz @ ninotaziz


  1. we sure don't want him to choke, so we won't ask him any questions!

  2. The fruit man ... a simple and elegant name! I don't believe we know his actual name ~ we don't dare ask!
    'Fruit Man' will do nicely.

    1. He is pretty scary, Helen. I do not dare ask either. Thank you!

  3. Yes, I think he would choke for sure.....love this Ninot!

  4. Hi Carrie!

    Glad you could drop by. I have been so busy - miss poetry terribly. How are you, dear?

  5. The idea that the fruit man talks is more amazing than the art work itself! And you are amazing too, writing in two languages. I think it sounds better in French, but your English version is excellent too. Do you have a Bahasa version? :-)

  6. Stafford dear,

    I have penned the Bahasa version for you which of course is totally different from the English and French. Can't help it. Not very flattering but seriously, Malaysian fruits and Malaysian fruit vendors are the loveliest! It is just my poem that refuses to be nice. It goes:

    The fruit man, eyes opened wide
    Closed his mouth in fear of flies
    Many pay for his expensive fruit
    Only to find them rotten inside!

    Have a nice day!