Tuesday, February 14, 2012

du sensualite

Ses souffle était un parfum
Cela fait des hommes en délire

Son peau translucide - invitant
Un promis du sensualite

Ses cheveux - un piège
Cela empêtré leur passion



i n e c s t a s y

Her breath was a perfume
That made men delirious

Her translucent skin a beacon
Of promised untold heights

Her hair - a snare
That entangled their passion


Copyright © 2012 ninotaziz. All rights reserved

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  1. Try my French verse while you're at it...

  2. Deadly ... fatal = the end no matter the language?

  3. It sounds even more lovely in French! The language of romance. Even though there is death in the end. Fatal just has a better ring to it than deadly. :-)

  4. Thanks Carrie. Love it that you are visiting my experimental blog. French is very very difficult for me though I have been exposed to it since my days in Canada - decades ago.

  5. I just watched Perfume - The Portrait of a Murderer. And it has influenced my poetry here.

  6. French seems to suit the photo so much better. Though I can hardly speak it, I like the way the words contort the tongue, much like the tangle of men ensnared in her hair.

  7. Oh I love the way you connect the language to the image, Yvonne. Thank you for your feedback!

  8. I enjoyed reading the French out loud. Thanks!

  9. Oh thank you again, Trellissimo. I am a bit embarrassed of my French but I try very hard at it.