Monday, May 20, 2013

Antara Langit dan Angin


Antara langit dan angin yang lalu
Ku ingin capai kebenaran hidup
Apakah mungkin di sini jawapanku
Antara gunung yang tinggi dan laut



Between limitless skies and ancient winds
I try to find answers - of love,  de la vie
Maybe here,  lies the answers to my whim
Between the mountains and the deep sea

my homeland


Entre les cieux infinis et les vents anciens
J'essaie de trouver le sens - de l'amour, de la vie
Peut-être, je vais chercher l'illumination
Entre les montagnes et la mer profonde ici

ma terre, mon pays

by ninotaziz


I missed Kelvin's deadline over at dVerse. But his invitation to write about being Asian called to me. We are comfortable being Asian because we have lived in this land for centuries, if not for a millennia.

So here is my offering anyway.

By the way, I chose Langit and Angin (Skies and wind) because the meanings are both the same in Tagalog and Malay. That is just me, being me. I will look for similarities, more than differences. Thank you, Kelvin.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Sir Anthony. Today's headline...what is happening, and how do we read it?

  2. I love this so much...."my homeland".......and also love the looking for similarities, not, too, kiddo. I just see humans.

    1. Thanks Sherry - that's how we are! How are you, take it easy, my friend.

  3. I love the French verse.
    Tres bien
    c'est d'amour...

  4. ...we always seek for answers and nature can provide us with all the answers we needed --- it may not be directly implied but for sure the wind is whispering it onto our ears, the sun is drawing in on our shoulders, the sea is waving it off to our feet... the earth is pouring it out all over our skin... ah, this is really comforting to read Ninot... i was tremendously touched... thank you! smiles... i am glad you look more on the similarities than on differences... smiles...

    1. Thank you for a topic that touched so many on so many different levels. It is good to air it out and share the challenges we face.

      I am glad you enjoyed my offering. Short but heartfelt indeed. Thank you again.

  5. the homeland is a great place to search for it...some answers though are not meant to be least not when they know we are looking...smiles...

    1. I guess you are right, Brian. Some answers lie in wait. In the wind. The forest. the sea.

      Let us hope we do not destroy them in the process.

  6. My homeland, this speaks to me as well ~ I am embracing my new homeland, and trying to see the similarities rather than differences ~ Maraming salamat ~


    1. Salamat, Grace. I know how that feels, sort of. It is strange, Australia is my birthland, that's true. But Malaysia is my homeland.

  7. Ninot Ma'am,
    Bukan diam menyepi diri
    Banyak yang perlu diharungi
    Bukan saja mendapat inspirasi
    Mempunyai talent yang di sanjungi
    Kagum dgn Naga sakti,Srikandi
    Written Stone, Hikayat, 'le Malaisie'
    Antara yang diberi kini
    Looking forward to banyak lagi
    Wishing Best Wishes sentiasa dihati!


    1. Bukan diam menyepi diri
      Banyak yang perlu diharungi

      Sungguh bermakna - thank you so much Sir Hank for the support.

  8. Beautiful imagery, Ninot! I'm sure the answers lie somewhere between the sky and the sea ... and within ourselves. Your trip to Indonesia sounds fantastic. Thank you for sharing it on my blog. Love your thoughtful comments :)

    1. Wherever we go, what lies within is the most important part of us! Thanks Loredana...

  9. Oh wow extraordinary =)I will always have a special place in my heart for the mountains.

    1. Yes, MLM. The mountains are awesome from afar, treacherous up close?